“The Lamb” and “The Tiger”

follow outline exact for paper after reading poem by William Blake
“The Lamb” and “The Tiger”

1st paragraph: Give the title of the poem, the author, the date, and two or three sentences about what you think the author is

trying to say based only on your first reading of the poem. It’s OK if you don’t completely understand it!

2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraph: Create an explanation of the poem based on what at least three other sources say in your research.

(Remember to cite all your sources using the MLA documentation). Each paragraph will be the discussion of one author. Add in any

relevant lines from the poem.

5th paragraph: Give your opinion of what you think the poem is saying after you have read the poem and reported on the three other

sources. Was the criticism effective? Write at least three sentences of your opinion.