The Literature Search – Library Resources (I should use this site!!) TWO MAIN SITES:

1. Main library – West Campus (Melville) (my ID: SEUNSONG PW:ilove1031)
2. Health Sciences Center (HSC) –
3. Other more specialized libraries (e.g., Chemistry, Computer Science, etc.) – see “Collections & Libraries” on the main library homepage for more information

Can be accessed from both the Main and HSC library homepages:
1. MAIN: from main page, click “Articles & Databases”  you can see a list of all databases by clicking “browse all databases”
2. HSC: from main page, click “databases” under “find.”
Most commonly used databases in psychological research: PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES Others are Medline/Ovid/Pubmed

Can also be accessed from both the Main and HSC library homepages
1. MAIN: from main page, click “ejournals”
2. HSC: from main page, click “ejournals” under “find.”

TIP: Main library contains journals more relevant to general psychology while HSC contains journals related to health psychology or medicine
TIP: Most electronic journals are only available for up to the past five years online (though there are some exceptions)


For the introduction ( 2-3 pages) , order:
1. First paragraph: Introduce the problem more broadly
2. The following paragraphs: Describe the literature in more detail—describe past studies’ designs, methods, and important findings (and maybe design flaws that may make interpretation of their results difficult or make your study needed). (Instead of referencing “many” or “multiple” studies, just cite one relevant study.)
3. The last paragraph:
State your hypothesis and the variables you will use. You also need to be clear on WHY you formulated your hypothesis the way you did (“from previous studies on this topic, one would also expect…”)

*do not state opinion or use first person voice, no flowery language and for introduction, you can use present tense language. for methods use past tense.
*If you need more information, please refer to the “writing the introduction” file.

*The files I attached*
Writing Requirment: “Writing Guide” file
Research format: “Example of final paper format (2)” file
Research Databases: “Literature search – Library Resources” file
My outline I roughly wrote: ” Outline- PSY310″ file
MY Introduction I wrote: “Introduction 3” file
Research Sample: Sample Psy research.pdf
The rest of the four files are the introduction, method, and result sections. The file contains a lot of detail, so it would be convenient to write my research.

*Before you start writing, start by reading the “writing and style guide” file first, PLEASE*

I’m so sorry to write so much. I am afraid that I can not graduate because of this paper… it is really important paper for me so
I sincerely ask you to write well. Thanks a lot!!

(I don’t know how many sources it needs. So, when ordering this article, I set the number of sources to be used to zero.
But, please citation of all articles that you refer to.)