The Minnesota Supreme Court

A 1. What are the basic facts at issue in this case? (4 points)
2. What US. Supreme Court decision defined search in this context? What is the definition of
search based on that case? (4 points)
3. What U.S. Supreme Court case defines cartilage? What is that case’s specific definition? (3
fl. points)
r” 4. What was the courts rational in deciding the way it did on the issue specific to the search of the
camper? Identify the issue and the legal reasoning behind the court’s decision. (5 points)
S. in your own words, how does this case relate to our study of the 4th Amendment? identify 3 key
3 issues are presented in the case that we have covered in class already? (5 points)
6. Do you agree with the majority opinion or the dissenting opinion and why. Cite to examples in
the text to back up your opinion. (4 points)