The Other Path” De Soto, H. 1989. New York: Basic Books.

Paper instructions:
De Soto, H. 1989. The Other Path. New York: Basic Books.

Answer ALL questions

What do you think of the readings, videos, and other materials you have read or viewed and on which you are basing a particular summary/reflection assignment?

How do the readings, videos, and additional materials you have reviewed compare with other materials you have covered in this or other courses?

How do the various points made by an author square with your own experiences of living or traveling in U.S. or foreign cities?

Do you agree with a particular author’s contentions or not?
If not, then why not?

Has an author made any general statements with which you disagree? If so what are they, and why do you disagree?

Has an author made something clear to you that was not clear to you before? If an author has made something clear to you, then what is it?