The Professional Context of Parctice


1. Martinsburg VA Medical Center Palliative/Hospice Unit in the department of Social Work
A.How were the services (i.e. social work roles-advocacy, mediator, conferee, case manager, educator, broker, facilitator, and mobilizer- relationship building, communication skills, assessment, etc.) you provided during your practicum reflective of generalist social work practice? Utilize the Shepherd University Social Work Program definition of generalist practice for your answer. (Generalist practice is the core of undergraduate education. The following components are identified as core concepts upon which practice is based.
Interactive nature of person-in-environment
?Utilizes supervision
?Applies the values and ethics of the profession
?Demonstrates the conscious use of self
?Exercises a range of methodologies
?Attempts to achieve multiple purposes (e.g. rehab, socialization, education, and social action)Core Components
Problem Solving/Change Process
Engage client system in a working alliance
Affirm strengths as well as recognize challenges
Focus on both problem exploration and solution building Assessment
Consider structural pressures first
Assume individual adequacy
Apply a range of theoretical perspectives Esp., ecological, strengths based, solution focused, and structural approach)
B.What distinguished your role and activities from those of other professionals? For example, physicians, psychologists, teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators, etc.
C.How did prevailing social values and the values and ethics of the profession as outlined in the Code of Ethics affect your practice? In what ways did these values sets conflict and/or overlap?
D.Can you identify the effects of your own attitudes, values and characteristic patterns of behavior upon your activities as a social work practitioner?
E.What personal and role limits did you establish in dealing with clients and why?
Describe the ways in which you have demonstrated the professional use of self-DEFINE, CONNECT TO THE PROFESSIONAL LITERATURE, AND DOCUMENT.