The site is contaminated with petroleum products in the soil and the groundwater

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You have conducted a remedial investigation at your client’s site. The site is contaminated with petroleum products in thesoil and the groundwater. Imagine that the client wants to see a presentation on the various remedial technologies thatmight be used at her site. Create a presentation for the client that details five remedial actions that might work at the site.Your presentation should include the following information for each remedial strategy.1. How does the system work?2. What are the pros and cons of each remedial strategy3. What types of feasibility studies would you perform?BEM 3201, Environmental Assessment 4Your presentation should consist of at least 15 slides, and you should use the speaker’s notes to narrate the presentationas if you were giving the presentation to the client. Be sure to use in-text citations in the speaker’s notes or on the slides,and include a reference slide. The title slide and reference slide are not included in the minimum slide count discussedabove.========