The song: Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles (2:08)

Project description
Listening assignments are opinion papers. You will point out several objective points in the music, i.e. tonal color, dynamics, texture, etc., describe them, and then give your detailed (subjective) opinions of them.

Eleanor Rigbyconsists of male vocals, a string ensemble (violins, violas, cellos), and it is in verse/chorus form.

Specific questions to answer and topics to cover for Eleanor Rigby:

Does this song begin with the verse or the chorus? Why?
Are the vocals divided into melody and harmony? Why or why not?
What keeps the basic tempo or beat of the song?
Would you say the tempo or pulse is slow, medium or fast?
What is the mood of the song? Why?
Do the dynamics change in the song? Why or why not? If so, where?
Which features create the tonal color in the song?
Does the overall texture change from beginning to end? Why or why not?
Is the verse in strophic form? Why or why not?
How does the song begin and end? Describe what you hear.
What do you like or not like about any of the above features and about the song itself? Please give several reasons.
Please note: Listening Assignments are not research papers. Please do not include any of the following:

– biographies of the musicians

– how successful the musicians are or how many records they sold

– a history of the song and/or the musicians

– any comparisons to any other song even if it is by the same artist