The Study of Negation in the Saudi Hijazi Dialect

write a paper about Negation in the Saudi Hijazi Dialect. The writer should be specialized in Linguistics
and understand how to analyses syntactic data.
I will upload a paper that is similar to what I need the writer to do.
The paper should include
1- Abstract
2- Introduction
3- purpose of the paper
4- Literature review
5- Significance of the study + research questions
6- Methodology
7- Data collection
8- Data Analysis
9- Conclusion
10- References
As for the collection of data, you can mention that data was collected via Whats App messages or recording conversation with people.
Please please please, the writer should write me a message if he/ she is not sure about a certain point.
The writer shouldn’t write the same sentences given in the paper uploaded.
The sentences that are going to be analyzed should be Arabic sentences.
Please, I wish that the writer can send me each part he/ she is going to write to make sure that the process of writing is correct.