The Teaching Project


This teaching project will provide the student with the tools to plan and educational offering in a variety of settings. Begin by reading Part 1: Introduction of the project and assessment of learner and learning needs.Part 1 is done as an APA paper (template provided). You will need to submit your paper to SmarThinking (found under tools in the left hand course menu) to receive feedback before submitting for grading. The length of your paper will be as long as needed to address the items specified below.You will need to consider what you would like to do for your teaching project AND it must be approved. Once you have decided on your topic, post your topic in the Wiki Board (link provided in this section) to get approval. The instructor will put a check mark by your topic if approved.The entire teaching project consists of 3 parts. This is part I and will be due in week 3 in the assignment link provided in week 3.Your paper should address the following:This section will address the following:1) Introduction to the project a) Rationale for selection of the project including 1) Definition of need – can be based on observation, data collection etc.                            For example: How did you decide this teaching project was needed? Who says? How do you know (what did you base your decision on)? 2) Supporting rationale for choosing this project by locating and synthesizing scholarly literature into this part of your teaching plan. Scholarly literature is peer-reviewed articles published within the last 5 years. (2-3 articles) One “hallmark” article (one that is cited by all other articles and on which theory is based) may be used if appropriate.2) Setting of the project is described and includes: a) Type of activity and audience (eg., staff, patient, continuing or formal education) b) Actual brief description of setting(s)3) Attributes of the learners descriptions to include: a) Age b) Ethnic demographics c) Gender d) Education level (if more than one type of learner be specific about the varied levels of education) d) The learners’ prior experiences with subject4) Assessment of learning needs a) Specific learning needs identified & readiness to learn of the selected population according to (pgs. 126-134 Bastable, 4thed.): 1) Physical (environmental and disabilities)  2) Emotional (learner readiness and context of learning)  3) Experiential (motivation and cultural considerations) 4) Knowledge (prior understanding and learning style) b) Identifies how the learning styles of the population were identified, using supportive literature (course textbook) for the selection c) Describes the learning style of the population d) Identifies the impact of the learning style(s) on teaching5) Identifies an educational philosophy that supports the project, using scholarly literature (2 articles) for support. (You should review Chapter 3 of Bastable, 4th ed. before addressing this area.)6) Identifies an education theory/model that supports the project a) Links the educational theory/model back to the philosophy b) Uses scholarly literature (2 articles) for support of the educational theory/model