The World at Home

Pasted from the assignment directions:
The first part of the assignment is simple: randomly pull ten things from your closet. This can include anything, including clothes, shoes, gear, or anything you store in your closet. Determine where these items were manufactured or produced and enter them in the table included with this table: 101 Assignment tablePreview the documentView in a new window
Be able to find these countries on a map of the world. After you have done this, you will need to find a range of population and development data for the countries in the table. This information should be drawn from the two links posted in Canvas.
First, choose one item and identify where it is made (be sure it is a non-United States item!). Go to the CIA World Fact Book entry for that country and choose from the drop down menus for “People and Society” and “Economy”. Browse through that material, especially the text summaries.
Fill in the rest of the table using the information you find in the links below. If you cannot find a particular piece of information on a country, consider alternate sources. If you cannot find a number or indicator, address why that might be in your essay.
For the second part of the assignment, you will need to write an essay that focuses on two things. First, write at least two paragraphs that summarize the information you read about your country, what you found interesting about it, and your thoughts on how and why the product may have ended up in your closet.
You should then write at least a paragraph that places your country in the context of the others, keeping in mind the following questions. Are there any relationships or patterns that you see in terms of where items are from? Are there noticeable similarities between countries that produce similar types of products? Why might this be true? Is there a relationship between where the items are made and the level of development in that country? Are there other geographical factors that might explain which countries produce which products, or how they become available in our daily lives? Can you see any relationship between population, development, and economic activity? What about any of the other themes from Chapter 1 in your text?
You are required to turn in the essay (15 points) and the data table (10 points) for this assignment. In total, your essay should be no more than 700 words.
Your grade on this assignment will be based on:
1) the completeness of your data table (10 pts);
2) the clarity of your essay – a lot of information needs to be conveyed in around 2 pages;
3) the amount of of reflection both your country and the relationships between different countries in the context of the suggested questions in your essay
4) grammar and spelling.