Theories and History of Architecture

Assessment 1—Critical Essay/Case Study

Read Alexander Eisenschmidt’s Essay ‘The City’s Architectural Project, From Formless City to Forms of Architecture’ Architectural Design, 2012, Vol.82(5), pp.18-25. In his essay Eisenschmidt outlines a number of different approaches to the relationship between city form and architectural theory. Identify one theorist in Eisenschmidt’s essay and expand on the specifically urban characteristics of their approach. Employing a specific example of that theorist’s approach, either a design or text-based work, use this as an illustration of their approach to ‘metropolitan architecture’.

This essay is intended to develop your skills in addressing Graduate Qualities 1, 2 & 6.
GQ1. operates effectively with and upon a body of knowledge of sufficient depth to begin professional practice.
GQ2. is prepared for life-long learning in pursuit of personal development and excellence in professional practice.
GQ6. communicates effectively in professional practice and as a member of the community.

The critical essay asks you to analyse, read for argument and discuss a text that focuses on the practice of architectural history.
You are asked to respond to the essay question in a methodical and rational fashion.

Referencing should follow the Harvard System of referencing, or an approved similar style, that is maintained consistently through all written work.

Marking Criteria and Standards:
Student assignments will be assessed according to the following criteria:
(i) A clear and organised assessment of the key issues described by the essay question;
(ii) A well-researched argument that logically and sequentially addresses the key issues;
(iii) A well organised visual record of material relevant to the essay question;
(iv) Drawing on the criteria above, a logical and consistent answer to the essay question.