Tiffany and Co. Brand Analysis Project


Marketing Management
Brand Analysis Project
Choose “Tiffany & Co” brand. So I should analyze about “Tiffany&Co”
Overview – of the category or market your product is part of – key statistics, is it growing, has it changed recently, size, trends, etc.
Environmental factors – summarize 2 or 3 of the most important external environmental factors or trends that currently affect the brand/category and its ability to market successfully.
The Marketing Mix – analysis/description of the 4Ps for the brand – price, promotion, distribution, product & how these strategies differ from the brand’s most direct competitor. Include ads, store images or any other examples where possible. Analyze, don’t just describe.
Identify key strengths and weaknesses of the brand. What does the product do very well? what about it is weaker than the competition? what opportunities and threats can you identify?(SWOT analysis)
The written portion of this project should include just the topics listed above.