To what extent do corporate structure, governance and strategic-decision-making enhance corporate profitability in the UK?


First of all,
The research process
1. Identify topic & define research question
2. Critical literature review such as published material
3. Choose the research strategy (methodology)
4. Access and ethical issues
5. Data collection through:secondary data / sampling
6. Data analysis (qualitative and quantitative)
7. Writing up / conclusions / recommendations
I would like to receive research on three parts
The first part contains an introduction and Critical literature review
The second part contains methodology and samples
The third part contains the rest
Also i want the dissertation to contains regression or stander deviation and mean
and i will send a copy of my proposal if you can be More specifically?
Also, Structure of your final dissertation is like that;
Literature review
Discussion & interpretation/conclusions
Reference list
INCLUDE a CD containing your data and results