Tonantzin Mexican Folklore

Looking at the role of goddesses and the female divine in mythology. Complete research to find a reputable version of the myth and background about the divinity and the culture that produced it. You should also note how these females are represented in literature, art, and if applicable film. You must have a main point or thesis that provides a focus for your presentation 10 points
All written portions of your presentation must be written in Standard English including grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 10 points
Content 30 points
You must include specific references to the myth including plot, characters, issues, etc. Please keep quotations SHORT and EXPLAIN how they support your point. Demonstrate your understanding of the myths.
You must research your assigned goddess. Outside sources must be documents in a Works Cited. Also cite the version of the myth that you are using. Document all specific information and quotations using MLA format. You can learn about MLA format Purdue Owl. Easy Bib and Citation Machine are also helpful. Demonstrate your understanding of the myths and connect it to general ideas about the female divine and its cultural context and make connections across time and space.
Appropriate sources include books, academic journals and other magazine, university, museum, and some organizational sites. Do not use Wikipedia, online encyclopedias, K-12, and commercial sites.
Your presentation should include works of art, photographs, and maps. You are not required to include “bells and whistles.”