Training Plan


Write a training plan based on the information learned in all weeks of this course. Imagine that your boss read your needs analysis report and told you to proceed with developing a full plan for training. This is your recommendation.
The recommendation should be 1100 words and must include the following
1. Start by summarizing the reason why training is needed. List some of the key findings from the needs analysis completed in Week Three.
2. List all of the Learning objectives for the training, i.e.” At the end of the training the participants will be able to….” Write strong behavioral objectives for each of the things you will cover in the training.
3. Recommend the most appropriate delivery method(s). Your plan should compare and contrast the delivery methods considered (the outcomes of the Week Four Individual presentations) and why the final delivery method(s) was chosen.
4. Provide a summary of the actual content of the training you will be implementing.
5. Conclude by proposing how the training will be evaluated. Using Kirkpatrick’s levels, specify the measures and collection points, time frames and expected results