“Trifles” play by Susan Glaspell

Answer these questions relative to your interpretation of Trifles.

Analyzing Trifles

Character. How do the men’s examination of the premises differ from the women’s approach? Are differences based on official and personal concerns or gender?
Imagery and Symbols. How does Glaspell use the birdcage and dead canary to establish the character of Mrs. Wright?
Plot. Mrs. Wright never appears in the play, but is only spoken about. Does the fact that she never appears in order to explain herself add suspense and heighten the audience’s attention to the characters’ comments?
Theme. Is a murder investigation an effective dramatic device to raise social and political issues? Why or why not?
Cultural and Social Connections. Glaspell wrote this play in 1916 when women could not vote or serve on juries. The women in the play appear to view the law as an exclusively