Trump to order Mexican Border wall and crucial Immigration

• Use the for all the readings logs.
• Select one article per reading log.
• Reading logs are summaries of the newspaper article and then a response to it.

On a typed document, put your header information in the upper left hand corner of the page. Then, put the title of your article in the center.
The first paragraph should be the summary paragraph:
• Must be at least ½ of a page but no more than ¾ of a page
• Double space
• No quotes!
• 1st sentence of summary – state author(s) full names, “title of article,” newspaper title, and the main idea (one sentence only). NO

citation for this sentence.
• Rest of the paragraph – summarize the article; put a citation at the end of each sentence; you must cite ALL the pages
• Last sentence of summary – Conclude the article; no citation at the end of this sentence

Second paragraph is your response to the article:
• Give your opinion
• Must be at least ¼ of a page but no more than ½ of a page

At the end of the document, put the word Reference and the reference entry for that newspaper article:
Last Name, First Name. (Year of publication/date). “Title.” Newspaper Name. Web. Date You Accessed it.
**Everything highlighted in yellow—you should substitute with the correct information.

Formula for Citations: (Last name, year, pg. ___) Insert page number on that blank space; no need to underline it.