Tuskegee Syphilis Study

Whats is your opinion on this topic? Please justify your answer by providing examples to support your position.


Now that you are familiar with your ethical issues in research, I thought you might be interested in reading this article that appeared in BBC.com. I will leave it up to you to think about what this constant reminder does to public trust. Tell us what you think about this tragedy. Does this compare to the Tuseegee Syphilis Study (1932-1972). Please click on the link below.

When you address this question, your discussion should be at least 150 words. It is ideal that you use your own words. Do NOT copy and paste from the Internet and please do not plagiarize. This post should include a scholarly reference within the past 5 years, unless you are using a historical reference article. A scholarly reference is defined as a peer-reviewed journal article published.

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In addition, to your main post, respond to at least 1 post by another student about the topic. These posts should be at least 75 words and be substantive in nature. While pleasantries such as “I agree” or “great job” are nice, this is not considered quality effort. If you agree or disagree with someone please tell us why. If you want to use a scholarly journal to refute or agree with a colleague this is perfectly acceptable.