TV Tour Event Research Paper

Watch a minimum of one (1) hour of a professional golf tournament and write a paper covering the following 20 topics:
– Name of tournament and location
– Date and the time period of your observation
– Tournament sponsor and course
– Brief history (up to 3 paragraphs) of the golf course
– Names of the players that you observed and EACH of their sponsors
If sponsors are not clearly visible, conduct research to determine the player’s sponsors
– Leaders or winner of the tournament at the time of your observation
– Commercial advertisers that appeared during your observation period
– Five (5) golf terminology terms that you learned during your observation. Include their definition or meaning. Use the Glossary in Required Readings.
– Describe two (2) things you learned about player or spectator etiquette.
– Describe two (2) things you learned about golf course layout or design.
– Describe two (2) things you learned about golf equipment.
– Was the paper written in a narrative format?
– Bibliography with at least one source OTHER than Wikipedia

TV Tour Event EXTRA CREDIT Paper Requirements:
– Break the paper up into the specified topics listed above
– Use a ‘bullet list’ format
– Include paragraphs
– Write in a narrative style with full sentences.
– Use a professional writing style that contains correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.