TV Town Clearance Center

TV Town must decide how many, if any, new Panasony 50-inch television sets to order for next month. The sets cost TV Town $1850 each and sell for $2450 each. Because Panasony is coming out with a new line of bigscreen television sets in a month, any sets not sold during the month will have to be marked down to 50% of the normal retail price to be sold at the TV Town Clearance Center. TV Town estimates that if it does not have enough television sets on hand to satisfy demand, it will suffer a goodwill loss of $150 for each customer who cannot get a set. TV Town management feels that the maximum customer demand over the next month will be for three big-screen sets. Defining the states of nature to correspond to the number of sets demanded by customers and the decision alternatives to the number of sets ordered, determine the payoff table for TV Town.