Two Database Solutions For Our Company

Many health care organizations and other businesses use database software to manage the flow of information and make important decisions.

This assignment requires Level 2 Writing Guidelines.

Assume you have been asked to serve on a project team for end-users of database software. Your current employer or a fictitious local medical office wants to use an electronic method to store demographic information (person’s name, address, contact information, insurance information, etc) as well as personal health history (clinical diagnosis, tests results, appointment notes, etc). This software needs to be accessible by all employees in the office. Research various database applications used in health care settings. Prepare a 1-2 page report to:

1. Identify all of the types of information you would need related to patients (e.g. address, insurance information, test results, etc.)
2. Research various health care database applications currently available. Select two to compare that may satisfy the medical office’s information management needs.
• Describe how the two databases work and why they are used.
• Your comparison should end with your assessment of which would work better for your facility.

***(Assume I work at an imaging-only clinic with a radiologist on site)***

At the end of your paper, provide complete references of all sources of information used in your paper.