UK millennial male consumers’ perception of digital marketing communication tools applied by international streetwear brands and how those brands are likely to stimulate consumption in the future.

1. Relevant to fashion management
2. Need one aim and four objectives
3. Questionnaire need to be made to 100 UK male millennials
4. Six interviews need to be carried out after the analysis of the questionnaire and each last 30 mins
5. In case to help you know what’s the streetwear brands in topic mean, here’s the streetwear brands examples: Supreme, Palace, Yeezy, Stussy, etc.
6. You are free to improve my topic in a way to make it better organised and remember it is dissertation title. In case if you want to make some change in my title, please remain the main concept and terms.
There’s no specific number of reference resources, but I make it 30 because it’s final year dissertation which is at least around 9500 words. So please put correspond amount of references
Body text should be set in Arial 11pt
Line space your work, times 1.5