Unit 3 – The Basics Part I

Assignment 1 – Back to Basics

Grab your camera! For this assignment you will be taking photos of various articles of clothing from your own closet. Try and take these photos during the day, as natural light will best show the true colors and textures of each piece. Also opt to either hang up or lay your articles of clothing flat before photographing them.
Take a photo of each of the following:
• 3 variations of the same color (ex. BLUE: navy, royal, and baby)
• 1 pattern that would best be paired with a neutral (ex. Boldly colored floral print)
• 1 pattern that could act as a neutral (ex. A black and white polka dot skirt)
• 3 different fabric textures
You will be taking a total of eight pictures. Underneath each picture please describe the garment in as much detail as possible while also mentioning the following for each piece:
• Brand
• Material(s)
• Descriptive color or pattern name (ex. Sea foam green, cobalt blue, paisley, etc.)
Please copy your photos and descriptions below.


Unit 3 – The Basics Part I
Assignment 2 – Centimetres and Inches

For this assignment you will need two mock clients, each with a different body type. These ‘clients’ can simply be friends or family members. Using the Measurements Guide, collect complete measurements from both clients in both centimeters and inches (this will be important practice for ordering clothing online or from international retailers). Now, using the Body Types slides as reference, determine each client’s body type. Identify one outfit per client that would complement their figure.
Please type your answers in the template provided below:

Client 1
Please list each measurement in both CM and INCHES.
Zone A (Bust/Chest):
Zone B (Waist):
Zone C (Hips):
What body type is client 1?
Outfit Recommendation for Client 1:



Client 2
Please list each measurement in both CM and INCHES.
Zone A (Bust/Chest):
Zone B (Waist):
Zone C (Hips):
What body type is Client 2?
Outfit Recommendation for Client 2:


Unit 4 – The Basics Part II
Assignment 1 – Mix and Match

Using Polyvore, Photoshop, Paint, or Pixlr, create a collage showing one outfit that incorporates different textures and fabrics (use at least 3 articles of clothing, not including accessories). Please copy and paste your completed image into this Word Document. In point form or a short paragraph, describe why you chose each garment and how each piece works together to create a well styled outfit. The key to this assignment is to let your creativity shine!
“” the only requirement is that the outfit would be for a muslim woman as shown in the links (something similar and from well-known expensive brands):

Please copy and paste your image and description below.


Unit 4 – The Basics Part II
Assignment 2 – Jewelry Box

Please read through the following four client scenarios.
Scenario 1
Jennifer is 45 years old, and is very excited to be attending the opera for the very first time. She’s a little nervous, because she’s not quite sure what jewelry she should be wearing. She’s decided on a classic black dress that flows all the way to the floor and features capped sleeves. Because the dress is modest, she’s hoping to make a statement with her jewelry pieces. She has a preference for light gold but is open to alternative suggestions. Her ears are pierced and her hair will be worn in a loose bun at the nape of her neck, so don’t forget some eye catching earrings!
Scenario 2
Mary is 22 years old and is getting ready for her first “real’ interview. She recently graduated college and has a meeting with the hiring manager at a big advertising firm. She needs to look work appropriate but stand out from the many other interviewees. Mary has decided on black cigarette pants, a silk ivory-colored blouse, and electric coral colored pumps. It’s important that you strike a balance with her jewelry so as to complement the ensemble and show off her personality, but don’t overdo it!
Scenario 3
Sarah is 30 years old. She’s been dating her boyfriend for a while and things are getting pretty serious. She’ll be heading to his parents place out of town next weekend to meet his family for the first time. He’s warned her that they’re very laid back and it will be a casual weekend. To remain casual and comfortable, she’s opted for boot cut jeans and a cozy cashmere cowl neck sweater. Her naturally curly hair will be pulled back into a loose half up/half down style. Help her pull the look together with jewelry without looking too dressed up.
Scenario 4
Brandy is 37 years old. Her younger sister’s wedding is coming up and she needs help with the outfit she’ll be wearing to her younger sister’s rehearsal dinner. She’s already chosen a dark blue dress that has three quarter length sleeves and hits just above the knee. She loves vintage and retro styles and is hoping you can help her choose some jewelry to give her a modern-meets-retro look. She’ll be wearing a pair of nude patent leather pumps, so you can get creative with the jewelry!

Using Polyvore or another photo editing tool, and based on the above four scenarios and outfits described, recommend jewelry that would complement the ensembles. Remember to maintain balance, not overdo it, and keep the look appropriate for each occasion.
Please copy and paste your images in this same document below. Title each one with the appropriate scenario.