Unit Project


Write about the Ronald McDonald house in Durham North Carolina. I did a fundraiser for. Why I did the fundraiser, who did it help and why (June 2012)I gave food,hygiene supplies. please reference what they do there. I work in the Neonatal Intensive care unit. But they help all families of kids in Intensive care units in the Duke Medical center. I also need to include I intend to do this twice a year (June,December)while I am employed at duke and why. I raised money $100 dollars from staff and also bought supplies they needed Drinks food non perishable items. Please put in there I had a child born with a cleft Lip and they provided me with housing and food for free 17 years ago. During his surgery and after care in another state that’s my drive and passion on why I do it and I am a Neonatal Registered Nurse. for the past 7 years and 4 years employed in the Duke Intensive care nursery