Using Lupron as a treatment for autism in children

Must be in APA style, needs to be at least 6 pages of content, include background information regarding the individuals (Mark and David Geier), the drug Lupron (what does it do, what is it used for typically, how would it effect children, etc.), what is the Lupron protocol and how did they use it to treat children with autism, discuss the legal issues that the Geiers faced as a result of the Lupron protocol, discuss the many clinics and doctors that helped the Geiers treat children using Lupron, discuss the cost of the treatment and how they were able to get insurance companies to pay for treatment. Basically need to write how this treatment came to be, how it spread throughout the years, and what’s the outcome. Need to discuss everything about this treatment and how it was used to treat autism in children. I found plenty of newspaper articles and blog articles regarding this subject. There needs to be at least 6 sources, but no more than 15.