Vaginal Douching and Adverse Health Outcomes


This paper will be about women who practice vaginal douching and may be unaware of their health outcomes. Most important, the risk factors associated with Vaginal douching in women. For example, the bacteria and diseases that arise from douching in addition to the products used. As well as the impact of social media and past stigmas that has led to this continuous practice.

Please answer these research questions in the paper:
– What are the motivation in women to have a vaginal douching besides the idea of having bodily hygiene?
– Which groups of women in particular are still douching and why won’t it die?
– What kind of information is derived from the internet, friends/family, aggressive advertising and/or sexual partners that initiate the practice of douching? From the past and now.

Douching is a common practice among certain groups of women. It is conducted for the purpose of cleanliness as part of the bodily hygiene maintenance. Although there as been considerable research about female vaginal douching, understandings of the rectal douching are very limited. The papers’ main focus will be on practices and messages that are embedded in advertisements for douching in the past and now.