Visual Arts and Film Studies

Project description
Compare A and B and Contrast and write cogent essay in which you identify the sources( text/ contexts), analyze the passages, and single out similarities and differences you perceive within each pair in terms of theme, style, imagery, symbolism,significance or world view. Approximately 500 words in response to what is in your essay . Essay should be typed, double-spaced, stapled and with name puls PID number. On first page.

A. “ who is the fellow your Highness intends to send on a mission of no return? A mere boy ! The reason I haven’t left is that I haven’t left is that I’m waiting for my partner.”

B. “ Since Your Majesty is eager to commute the sentence of your two relations, a single order of clemency would have been sufficient; why go through all the trouble of a personal visit?”,+a+single+order+of+clemency+would+have+been+sufficient;+why+go+through+all+the+trouble+of+a+personal+visit?”&source=bl&ots=KQvyQAlmxf&sig=svJNiGuxdyrvJlMslbeeI4RiA-k&hl=zh-CN&sa=X&ei=B5cBU_lCyeWgBP7ZgqgJ&ved=0CCgQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Since%20Your%20Majesty%20is%20eager%20to%20commute%20the%20sentence%20of%20your%20two%20relations%2C%20a%20single%20order%20of%20clemency%20would%20have%20been%20sufficient%3B%20why%20go%20through%20all%20the%20trouble%20of%20a%20personal%20visit%3F%E2%80%9D&f=false