Wallace and Webber Wallace


Read Chapters 6 and 7 in ichael and Webber, Lawrence 2011. The Disaster Recovery Handbook. AMACOM Books, New York, NY. ISBN 13-978-0-8144-1613-6 (2011 Edition). • Read the pages 50-58 in FEMA Chapter 2 found at https://www.training.fema.gov/EMIweb/edu/fem.asp The objective this week is to have students become familiar with pages 50-58 in FEMA Chapter 2 in particular reviewing case studies and hazard mitigation. Also what roles do various departmental agencies play during an emergency? A key driver to your disaster plan is a clear identification of the critical business functions performed at your facility. You will also realize the importance of administrative, technical, work area recovery and pandemic plans. Provide 2 examples of regulatory policies. Do you think regulatory policies are a “good” thing? Discuss your position. include a question for group discussion at the end of essay. Please use the two reference i provided.