Week 4-Qualitative inquiry and research design: choosing among five approaches.


The Learning Set discussion this week should enable you to solidify your thinking about qualitative methodology, methods, and data analysis in preparation for the Critical Literature Review. As you conduct your Critical Literature Review, be sure to engage with and support your colleagues with their reviews. You are encouraged to seek assistance from one another and from your Doctoral Tutor as you conduct your review.
Please take this opportunity to share how the literature you are reviewing adds to your understanding of your workplace-based problems and perhaps fellow set members? problems, and to share portions of your review for feedback.
Refer to the research question you identified in Week 1?s Learning Set.
In relation to the research design that you developed last week, develop a plan for data analysis, interpretation, and representation. Include the purpose this analysis will serve. Discuss the practicalities of doing the data analysis/ interpretation, and debate the merits of the choices you will need to make.
Each chosen approach to data analysis and interpretation should be compared with the other approaches put forward by other Learning Set members. The group can suggest changes or improvements to one another?s proposals.
Agree for each research methodology what constitutes good research and how this could be evaluated by the researcher and/or client.
Week 4 Weekly Notes