Coursework, Computer sciences and Information technology

Project description
1. You are an IT consultant working for a biomedical company named ADAM Metals. ADAM is researching the effects of Adamantium on the human body. Their work is secret and they are highly protective of their research and their data. They do not want wired connections in the lab area, so they have asked for you to develop a secure wireless strategy for their researching labs. Create a brief recommendation of the technology systems required and the security measures needed to implement secured wireless. All wireless traffic should be encrypted and all devices must be in an “approved” list prior to joining the network. The general health of the devices should also be reviewed prior to joining the network.
You must use Microsoft technologies because ADAM cannot buy additional systems. (Yes, they’ll need wireless access points, but that’s not important for this proposal). Be thorough and justify everything. They want to know why you are recommending each technology, so they can fully understand the risks, assumptions, and potential issues with the new system.

2. Explain PXE and its role in WDS. While PXE plays a big part in WDS, it is not completely necessary. What are some options using WDS with and without PXE. What are the benefits of using WDS over traditional imaging process? What are the requirements for implementing WDS?