Women’s & gender studies

*Required reading, articles: (The Gender Ads Project: Violence)( “If a Woman Isn’t Bruised and Bleeding, Will Her Rape Be Counted?”) (“Victory! FBI Acknowledges Rape is Really Rape”) (“Definition of Rape Officially Changed”) (“Slutwalks Sweep the Nation”) (“Slutwalks and the Future of Feminism”) (“Crunk Feminist Collective: Slut Walks vs. Ho Strolls”)
*Required reading, text:
MP: “Violence Against Women” (pp. 259-273)
LU: “Don’t Call Me a Survivor” (pp. 33-39)

*After completing the required reading, complete the Module 9 Assignment and submit by clicking on the Assignments link in the Course Tools menu. [instructions and rubric for short writing assignments]
Write a short response (about 200 words) in which you discuss the following: –*What are your thoughts on the readings for this Module?
**What beliefs about rape are really myths? How would your life be different if rape and the threat of rape did not exist?
***How do boys in your community learn to respect women? To disrespect women?