Writing Journal composing

Your task is to produce an extended piece of writing, up to 1000 words, in a form of your choice. Your writing must demonstrate a tangible link to a theme, issue (issue must be either marginalization or segregation) or concept explored in your class this semester. You must include a (brief) rationale as part of your submission.

Consider the following text types:
– A short story or narrative
– An Essay

This is a demonstration of your ability to compose text types. Look closely at the marking criteria to guide your writing

Needed in paper
– issue in the paper must be either marginalization or segregation
– Needs to include atleast a few of these: Metaphor, Onomatopeia, Personification, Alliteration, Sibilance, Simile and some symbolism

I would prefer for either picture one or picture two to be selected for the essay but choose which ever one is easier and you think you can do best.