Writing my Professional Development Plan (PDP) using my POS


Instructions for writing the Professional Development Plan (PDP)
• The PDP should address three questions:
o Where have you been in your life personally and professionally that has brought you to this point?
o Where are you now in your personal and professional life that makes getting an advanced degree important?
o Where do you want to go professionally and how will you be tailoring your Walden experience to meet those objectives
• A good PDP contains all three components. The good PDP is also explicit in its detail about what you plan to do at Walden to meet your personal and professional goals.
• Use the writing skills you learn in this course to make a sharp PDP that is something you can be proud of and is something that you can refer to when you want to check your progress or re-evaluate your goals.
• If you have any questions about the PDP, ask the instructor rather than the Academic Advisor. The PDP is not typically within the area of expertise for the advisor.
An example of a PDP is attached in the following page.
PART 1: Description of Personal and Professional Goals
I came from Egypt when I was 18 years old, I got my bachelor in Dental hygiene in 2007 where I am currently working At Aspen Dental as dental Hygienist. I got my master from Walden University in psychology in 2010 because I love understanding the human being personalities so I can help my community, I am pursuing my PhD in psychology (Research) so I can be better scholar practitioner who can treat the mental and the oral health of my patients. I am married and have a 5 years old daughter. all the classes that I highlighted on my POS that I attached I studied it as part of my master and got transfer to my PhD.
Part 2 my master in psychology classes are highlighted in the POS.
PART 3: Program of Study ( phd in psychology research at walden university) google it.
I also attached a template so you can follow the style of PDP.
I attached also the instructions on how to write PDP
At the end of the paper I need summary of how you will use your POS and PDP as a guide for academic and professional progress. Describe the developmental process of completing these materials-for example, what did you learn about your specialization (PhD in Psychology research at walden university) and about your journey while completing these documents, and what challenges did you identify that you will need to address in order to earn your degree?
Please quality writing and no grammar or spelling mistakes and deadline is must.