Your Health Observations – The Role of the Media.

The media has been known to promote unhealthy behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes. For example, a thin body image is often promoted which

has been shown to lead to eating disorders. In thinking about the topics we are studying in regard to eating, weight, and exercise, please

select one commercial shown on TV which perpetuates unhealthy thinking and/or behaviors. Please discuss the impact the impact that this

commercial might have on different groups in the US as well as how it impacted you on a personal level.

A reminder: You may compare ideas, assess the value of theories, verify evidence, and make choices based on reasoned arguments. While this

assignment does not have a page requirements, please be sure to fully and completely elaborate on your thoughts and draw connections to

the topics we are studying in detail. Cite your sources using APA format. APA style asks that your paper have 1 inch margins in addition

to being double spaced and font should be Times New Roman 12.

Even though this journal is informal, that is it is not a paper, you still must address intellectual skills such as analysis, synthesis,

evaluation, and application (see Bloom). I do not require a certain number of pages. I do require a complete review of the skills

suggested and sources to back up your ideas.
Please follow exactly the instruction.
Required Readings/Viewing

Brannon & Updegraff
Chapter 14- Eating and Weight
Chapter 15 – Exercise
Video: The Overeater’s Brain (1:33)
Video: Do Doctors Treat Fat Patients Differently? (3:13)
Video: Enough with the Fear of Fat (12:20)