Youth Experience

After reading the “Benefits of Youth Sports”, what will your team or sports organization philosophy be? What is your vision for the team, and what actions will take place through your coaching tactics to ensure your vision is communicated? What will be the goal for your team/organization? How will you communicate that goal to your players?
Youth Experience
For quite some time I have been a fun of watching games and I developed the interest to learn more about the motivation behind the cricket game. At my tender age, I used to play football, but as for now, I’m a good player in cricket. It was in 2013, I finally got the chance to coach the under 13 cricket team of my high school. I had time and shared words with my former cricket coach concerning the factors which motivated me to become a trainer in this field after graduating. This essay looks into the reasons as to why one gets involved in cricket game as a coach and the driving force to this match.
The primary factor which pulls many people to the game of cricket to be either fans or coaches is to keep them busy and avoid idling which can result to indulging into evil activities. I decided to start coaching cricket as a leisure activity. Since I was young, I used to enjoy watching cricket game more than any other match. Being a coach in this field was one thing that was to make me unique in the society regarding the profession. Also, I got the chance to gain paramount knowledge, in that not many people who play cricket and at the same time, cricket coaches are rare. Among the motivational factors which can make one verge into cricket game training is the payment. Coaches are few as compared to football ones. This will mean a huge pay for them and honor. The coaching skills applied in cricket involve much of the time communicate with players, and this creates much socialization. Knowing that I had competent skills enough to coach a team and compete in local level, was the key point of motivation as I wanted to exercise this
Just like any other field of coaching, we have ups and downs. The point of downs in coaching cricket game is insufficient funding from the government. This game is not valued like football which is highly funded and has many fans. Lack of fans can be a demoralizing factor to those willing to join this game as trainees. The advantage of winning these game competition is easy for the serious competitors as many don’t concentrate so much on it thus less preparation.
We can say that the reasons for becoming a cricket coach are surrounded by a one’s personal interests. First, you will earn, and again you can venture into places which could otherwise not be possible to go. To end this essay, coaching cricket is like a hobby to many, despite the challenges one faces through.