Youtube Performance Reaction Paper


I want you to use Youtube to research your favorite band and the influence of that style of music on music around the world. Look up your favorite song by your favorite band or artist on Youtube. Then follow the links of suggested music in the same style for other American, Canadian, Australian, or English bands & artists (Countries where English is the standard language). Compare these other bands or artists to your favorite band or artists – see what you think is different and what is similar. I want you to discuss at least 4 different bands/artists from English-speaking countries (America, Canada, Australia, England, etc.). These are in addition to your favorite band. Finally, using Youtube, search for this style of music at the international level – find bands/artists in non-English speaking Europe (countries where English is not the first language), Africa, South America, and Asia that are influenced by or similar to this style of music. These artists should be performing in their own language (if the music has words), not in English. I am not looking for Bands in Africa that are modeled on American bands, I want you to find truly international bands, performing in their own language. What is similar in their music? What is different? I want you to discuss at least 1 band/artist in each of four different areas of the world – non-English speaking Europe, Africa, South America, and somewhere in Asia (four international bands total). So, you will be discussing at least 9 bands/artists, including your favorite one. You may discuss more than the minimum, but you will be docked points if you do not have the minimum bands: Your band, 4 bands from English-speaking countries (see below), 1 band from Non-English-speaking Europe, 1 band from Africa, 1 band from Asia, 1 band from Latin American. I am counting the Middle East as part of Asia, rather than Africa, since the music is more closely related to Asian music.
1. At the top of the first page, list the following: 5 pts Your Name
Style of music you have chosen
Name of your favorite band or artist
List the names of the other bands you are discussing in this paper as well as their country of origin. They should include:
Four bands from countries where English is the official language, for example America, Canada, Australia, and England
Four bands, one from each continent as follows: 1 from non-English speaking Europe (which includes Eastern Europe and Russia), 1 from Africa, 1 from Latin America, 1 from Asia (which includes the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, and South East Asia.