How to Write an Admissions Essay

Admission essays are an important factor for students who are seeking to gain admissions into colleges and universities. Colleges and universities require students to write an admissions essay before they are admitted into their academic programs. The admissions essay serves as a unique opportunity to show the college admissions board what may not appear in your transcripts. A properly written essay allows the admissions board insight into what sets you apart from other applicants. Ultimately, this admissions essay may become a deciding factor in your admissions process. Therefore, it is necessary for potential students to write a quality admission essay to ensure that they are admitted into the colleges and universities of their choice.

A student must write a winning admissions essay to ensure that he or she is granted admission to the university or college of their choice. While it may seem like an arbitrary task, it is possible to craft a seamlessly quality personal essay when following the appropriate format. At London Term Papers, we want you to succeed! Our team of academic writers have compiled a useful guide that will ensure you write a genuine quality admissions essay.

Gear the essay, towards the question

When writing a personal essay an individual should make sure that his or her admission essay answers all the questions outlined in the easy questionnaire. Restrain from drifting off topic and answering questions not directly asked within the guidelines of the essay requirements. It is essential that you stick to answering the questions asked by the university or college boards.

State your career goals

The college admissions essay is a unique opportunity to allow the admissions board to gain insight on you as an individual, helping you to stand out from the other applicants. One way to impress within your essay is to state clearly your goals and aspirations. You should also mention in the admissions essay how you intend to achieve your career objectives and goals. This will help to impress the admissions board, showing them that you have long-term goals and aspirations.

Focus on your achievements

The college admissions essay affords the opportunity to talk about your achievements. Within the context of the essay, you are expected to highlight clearly you major academic and personal achievements. This essay should highlight achievements that have not been included in the admission letter or throughout the rest of the application process.

Talk about your leadership skills

Your college admission is an excellent way to draw attention to your leadership skills. Leadership skills are important not only in business but also in life in general. The college or university committee will consider your leadership skills and they may serve to give you a leg up against other applicants. Be sure to include how your leadership correlates with your academic successes.

Avoid clichés and redundancies

The most important aspect of generating a quality college admissions essay is to remain genuine. This is your chance to show the admissions board who you are, and to highlight what makes you stand out from the other applicants. Avoid the use of some common expressions in your admission essay. Do not use phrases such as “learn from my mistakes”, “dream come true”, or “is my passion” (Quintessential Careers, 2012). You are also advised to avoid repeating of words, phrases, or themes throughout the admission essay. Words that attract the attention of readers should not be repeated in the essay. Keep it fresh and unique.

Be short and brief

Remember to answer the questions asked within the scope of the essay while peppering in details about your life. The longer your essay, the more you run the risk of running off-topic. Your essay should be clear and concise.

Check grammar and spelling.

A quality written academic paper is grammatically sound, and the same rules apply to drafting your college admissions essay. Make sure that your essay is free from spelling, grammar, and typing mistakes. Proofread your essay to ensure that it is error-free. We recommend showing your essay to another individual to check for common mistakes within the paper. It always helps to get a second opinion during the editing phase of your writing process.


A student should be able to write a quality admissions essay to ensure that he or she is admitted to the university or college. The appropriate procedures must be followed when writing your admissions essay. The academic writers at London Term Papers are always here to assist with all of your academic writing needs. Contact us today for your no obligation custom quote.