5 minute earthquake

Write the second-by-second events of a 5 minute earthquake

Powerful earthquakes are less than 5 minutes. But there is A LOT that happens in that short time.
As a researcher for this project, I want you to create a list (bulleted or spreadsheet) that documents exactly what would be experienced when a person is caught in an earthquake.
I will set the premise of this hypothetical event. For example:
“Document the 5 minute experience of an 9.2 earthquake for someone who is traveling from work to home.”
In your bulleted list, you will list what happens, what is seen, the responses of others, dangers, possible concerns.
So this project requires some research. It requires some hypothetical considerations. You’ll need to have some imagination, but you’ll also need to be surgical about the report. I expect concise event-by-event occurrence. This is not a story with dialogue. It’s a succinct play-by-play. It may be helpful to write these occurrence in 2nd person perspective. Here’s an example…
” – You feel as though your vehicle has lost traction. You instinctively try to correct your vehicles direction moving off the road.
– You notice other drivers struggling to keep their vehicles in their lanes.
– You notice power lines next to the highway swinging.”
I am looking for a contractor with writing and research experience, strong feedback from your prior clients, and perhaps a sample of something you have written that is similar to this project’s needs.
I would prefer to have the final project either in Google Sheets or Google Docs.