Bullet Proof Your Future and Wealth With Crypto Currency – The Ultimate Guide for 2018 and Beyond

Hi ContentKing, I realise there is a lot of content/research involved. Please don’t hard sell. I want it to be seen as an educational guide. Please highlight how much money there is to be made in Crypto. Long term and day trading especially! Give examples of how much people would of made from the main coins 5 years ago (Bitcoin, Ethereum…) The brief is written as a guide for you but I’ve also included statements/info that I want you to include. Sorry if it’s a little scattered and vague in areas. Please structure it as best you can 🙂 There will be more to add as I’m constantly remembering what else I want to include so I apologise in advance for any future additions of content. Don’t worry, I will reward you for your time and effort!! 🙂 Here is the brief – Main objectives of the ebook is to educate people on the truth/lies of the current banking system, spread the word on the rise popularity of crypto currency and most importantly, to promote the products/services mentioned – most importantly Binance, Coinbase and https://blockchaineducation.com.au.”>https://blockchaineducation.com.au. I’ve been told fear/shock factor helps… I’d also like the ‘tone’ to be entertaining. Ebook Intro Why am I writing this ebook and why should you listen to me? I want to educate as many people as possible about the truth on our current banking system (Without mentioning any people’s names – only names of companies/institutions etc) and the bright future of crypto. Including facts and statistics. I’ve been investing in crypto for 5 years and recently started day trading with exceptional results. I’ve been working in internet security/IT for 8 years and been an entrepreneur for 14 years. I’m constantly asked why I don’t consult but I’m honestly too busy with my own projects. Hence why I’m writing this ebook. I hope it helps! My client’s websites were hacked so I’ve learnt the hard way. This guide is for crypto novices and intermediates but the pro’s will discover some gems in here too. Please explain the intention is a cashless society and we’re already in the process – provide details/examples. Products/websites to promote: Binance * Bittrex Localbitcoins.com coinbase.com * https://blockchaineducation.com.au * Importance of Offline wallets – Nano Ledger and Trezor Anti Malware Bytes Super Anti Spyware Bitdefender – For Mac Only Trend Micro – Mac Only Lastpass I bought lots of bitcoins when they were worth $370 USD. They are now worth approximately $10,000 because I instinctively knew the potential. I now own and trade in ALT coins too. Important – you have to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEO and BNB FIRST before you can buy and trade on Binance. Purchase via Coinbase… Topics/points to include: Heading towards a cashless society Federal Reserve FIAT currency – worthless. Not backed by gold any more. All been sold. Global/US debt The intention of the ‘elites’ – collapse of the dollar eventually etc. Bitcoin/crypto ATMs – the growing number. Please provide stats/figures. Bill Gates, Richard Branson (state others?) back Bitcoin. Protecting yourself – securing PC/crypto against hackers. Bitcoin was originally worth $3 now worth ~ $10,000 Use Duckduckogo.com as your search engine. Use protonmail.com as it’s encrypted. Incredible opportunities in ALT coins! Low prices but some could be the next bitcoin! Can use Bitcoin to buy from Microsoft, Tesla, Subway, Amazon (please list other well known companies) Over 300,000+ companies accept BTC (probably more now, please check) and growing on a daily basis. Benefits – Decentralised – BTC has finite amount so will hold it’s value. Please list all major benefits. DISCLAIMER: Only invest in what you can afford to lose! These are my PERSONAL recommendations! Websites to stay away from – I have been scammed by them! Bitwise.com, Bitcoinbrains.com and Gladiacoin.com. Explain why for each —— All 3 Bitcoins Litecoin Monero Ethereum EOS Tron Salt Veritasium Ripple – I won’t personally be investing due to the association with bankers. Mining crypto Explain hash rate. How much can people make? Phone farms Hackintosh Not worth mining BTC now – too expensive/not worth the effort. Monero and Zcash are one of the few completely anonymous cryptos. Explain why… Windows Sandboxie (FREE) Locknote (FREE) SuperAnti Spyware (FREE) Iobit Advanced Systemcare (FREE) Avast/AVG (FREE) Macs Anti Virus isn’t necessary on Macs but I highly recommend Bitdefender, that’s what I use. I was a Windows lover but have seen learnt Mac are well worth the investment. More secure, stable, robust and reliable. Why do you think most of the pros and experts use Macs? Keep an eye out now I’ve mentioned it 😉 I only use Windows for testing purposes now. – Always keep your operating system and browsers updated! – Update Antivirus and anti malware before you use it. Every time. New malware and viruses on an hourly basis. Remove any browser extensions/addons APART from password keepers like Lastpass – opens the doors for threat! Please explain all free versions are adequate but I highly recommend the premium versions. DAY TRADING Please explain how to trade in crypto currency – promote blockchaineducation.com.au These will help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paBRkiDR-1I https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnIe9OrJmpY&t=1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg5BAKs4WLw