character analysis of Tyrion Lannister from a song of ice and fire

character analysis of Tyrion Lannister from a song of ice and fire

Project description
Major Paper #2- Character Analysis

After writing your proposal and your annotated bibliography, you should have a strong sense of the character that you have chosen and the ways in which you can approach the creation of this character within their text. In your second paper, you will demonstrate the inquiry and research you have performed in earlier assignments by examining the other factors that construct and create identities. You will explain why the identity creation of this character matters in an academic context. This process starts by asking yourself a lot of questions about your character.

Some questions to consider may be:

v What does this character reveal about the historical period within which they were either created or situated? What does the character reveal about the culture in which they were created?

v Does the construction of this character make a statement about race, gender, sexuality, class?

v How does this character fit within their genre? How does this character reflect back on this genre? Are they typical or do they introduce something new?



v Is there something particular about the critical response to this character or their fan base that can be explored?


Situate your character within your analysis and make a strong claim about why we should consider them as an academic subject.


v You will take a stance and make a persuasive claim about why this character matters that establishes the stakes for their inclusion into academic discussion.

v This claim WILL NOT be simple, but will be complex. This is an example of an unacceptable claim:


Juliet reveals a lot about the tragedy genre because she is such a sad character.

Don’t settle for a claim like this. Instead, connect your claim to an issue that matters to you and your audience. Be specific and open to complexity in your thinking.

v Your claim should be supported by at least 5 sources. One source will be the original text of your character. At least one other source must be an academic source.

v Synthesize your strong analysis of the character’s original text and of the research that you cite as they connect to and support your claim.

v Select and include properly MLA formatted quotes and paraphrases from the reading and explain their importance in support of your claim.
v Write in the genre of an academic essay intended for an audience of your instructor and your peers in this classroom. Remember that you are introducing this character into an academic discussion, or at least contributing to an ongoing discussion about your character.