For this Assignment, you will need to produce a report based on “Concept Design Services” case study.

The Task

‘If effective operations management is to translate strategic goals and objectives into action, whist ensuring continuity of supply of products and services to customers, then it is imperative that the key characteristics of strategies employed or otherwise, are understood.’

As a newly appointed consultant to operations at Concept Design you have been tasked with making improvements to manufacturing operations to ensure continuity and growth. The first step of this process is to produce a report based upon your findings from an analysis of the organisation.

Your report should contain:

Definition of the strategy types in evidence in Concept Design, evaluating the role of operations under their influence.

An analysis of the relationship between the three core functions of the organization; new product development, marketing and operations, identifying the strengths and weaknesses thereof.

An evaluation of the future impact of development of the design house and major retailer services markets, upon the operation of the Manufacturing and Service departments.

The changes you would recommend to management to ensure operations develops in accordance with a growth strategy.