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INSTRUCTIONS (read carefully!!!) Article Title is enclosed with (_) and keywords are enclosed with “_”. For example, 1. (Article Title) – “keywords”. NOTICE: the assigned KEYWORDS on each article is the FOCUS topic of the content. So, for example, if the keywords for 1. (Article Title) is “Drug Law”, then “Drug Law” is your focus topic BUT you still need to discuss something about the TITLE of the article. So, both the KEYWORDS and the ARTICLE TITLE MUST be related. NOTICE: (#2), when writing the content, DO NOT repeat the keywords more than three times. NOTICE: (#3), we’re checking the article in Grammarly and COPYSCAPE before approving so make sure to avoid copying from the sources. NOTICE:(#4), DO NOT change the article title and READ the instructions carefully. Below is the list of Article Titles and Keywords separated by numbers (1, 2, 3 etc) 1. (The Kitchen Renovation Process) – “Best Kitchen Renovation in Tampla, Florida”