Table of Contents
Project Preparation 4
Project Deliverables (Group) 4
Project Deliverables (Individual) 5
Submission 5
Academic Honesty 5
Statement of Academic Honesty 5
Appendices 6
Appendix 1 6
Report Structure 7


Dear Students,
This project is worth 15 % of the course marks and will require you to demonstrate the following:
– Read and comprehend material presented in a textbook
– Research topics using other resources including the Internet
– Research Information Technology Infrastructure
– Work in teams and assign roles and responsibilities equitably
– Produce a video case study supported by a short report

For this project you will work in groups of 4. There is also an individual evaluation. Each student will write a blog/Journal reflecting on the project. To complete this project successfully, please the read the section on Project Preparation and Project Deliverables carefully. I will be happy to clarify any queries that you may have before you begin working on it. I do hope that you enjoy the learning that is associated with this project.
Best Wishes,


Project Preparation
1. Form groups of 4. Ensure that at least one person in the group is working. Sign up to your group and inform your teacher
2. Choose a topic related to Information Technology Infrastructure
3. Complete the required reading and research relating to the chosen topic.
4. Select a company. Develop a questionnaire/ survey to obtain information required for this report
5. Investigate and research
a. For a company that is well known to you, investigate the following
i. What was the problem faced by the company that were addressed by the Infrastructure Technologies?
ii. What was the action taken to solve this problem? Describe the problem and solution with some details. How long did it to take to implement the action
iii. What were the results? What were the challenges and the benefits? What were some of the lessons learnt from this experience
iv. How long has the system been in operation? What is the general feedback from users and managers?
v. How did the technology enable the organization to achieve Strategic Business Objectives (p. 42) such as Operational Excellence, New Products, Services, Business Model, Customer Supplier Intimacy, Improved Decision Making, Competitive Advantage, and Survival?
b. Interview/Survey key people in the organization using your questionnaire. Alternatively, you can use secondary data to compile your report.
c. Summarize your findings in a report in case study format
Project Deliverables (Group)
1. Write a case study based on the following outline
a. Introduction to the company and the system that you have studied
b. Case study to summarizing all the information that you have gathered in 5.a above
c. Recommendation & Conclusion
d. Appendices (Your report would be considered incomplete without these)
i. Bibliography (APA Format)
ii. Interview Questions and notes from interview
iii. Signed copy of Academic Honesty Statement
Project Deliverables (Individual)
1. You are going to write a journal entry about 150-200 words outlining what your learned as a result of this project; what were some of the challenges that you encountered and how you overcame them. If you were going to do this project all over again, what would you do different?
Academic Honesty
Statement of Academic Honesty
All members of your group are required to read, understand and sign and submit the academic honesty statement. This must be included in the case study report

Appendix 1

Academic Honesty Statement
In producing this project, I have:
• Followed the academic honesty requirements as specified in this document
• Not referred to or copied another student’s/group’s work
• Let another student/group refer to or copy from my solution
• Asked anyone else (from outside or within the college) to complete this project (or parts this project) for me

I have read and understood the above instructions and confirm that all of the material contained in this assessed task is my own work or is appropriately sourced. I understand that the penalty for cheating is dismissal from the HCT.

Student Name Student ID Signature Date

Report Structure
The report will have the following structure:

0. Cover page
1. Introduction (About the organization)
2. Challenges faced by the organization (At least 3)
3. Technology Infrastructure Overview (At least 3)
4. Achieving Business Objectives through Technology Infrastructure
4.1 Provide examples
5. Recommendations
6. References
7. Appendices
7.1 Appendix A (Academic Honesty)
7.2 Supplementary Material