Lived Religion and Duck Dynasty

The Reality TV show Duck Dynasty is exposing mainstream TV viewers to Christianity. Specifically, how lived religion also known as lived experience (which can be used interchangeably) shapes family’s life.

Duck Dynasty: (key points)

1) explain why the Patriarch, the father Phil is so religious…it is because he is a reformed alcoholic (explains why he turned to religion (God)… and this is why religion is prominent in this family

2) The Duck Dynasty Family is successful due to the fact that the father Phil started making and selling his own duck calls and it became a successful business which he has handed down to his sons (Willie, Jase, and Jep) to run. (there’s a scholarly article: Family Strategies and Religious Practice: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper in Early New England that you can relate)

3) saying grace before meals

4) whole family sitting at table at end of every episode (parents (Phil and Kay), Uncle Si, Phil and Kay’s sons, the sons’ wives, Phil and Kay’s grandchildren) and staff.

5) there is a moral to be learned during every episode, and someone narrates what has been learned at the end while the viewer watches them eat together around the big table

6) Living off the land (there’s a scholarly article: Modern Homesteading as Lived Religion in America by Rebecca Kneale Gould that you can relate)