Management Investigation and Recruitment Report –

Write me a 500 words piece of work based on a job interview that i had with my tutor which i kind of messed up. our task was to find a job advert and our teacher interviews us for that job advert. then my teacher gave me feedback on how i did on the job advert and to be honest i messed up so now i need to write a 500 word about the interview experience i had and what i have learned from it.
i will now write here the feedback i have being given by my tutor so you can write the 500 words based on the feedback..
– Evaluation of professionalism (timing, appearance, knowledge)
Arriving late for an interview does not create the best impression. Likewise, not dressing up for it and having no questions to ask both suggest a somewhat casual approach to the opportunity.
– Evidence of research done on industry
There was no evidence of research into the industry, instead relying on personal experience.
– Evidence of understanding of chosen industry
The personal experience you based your understanding on was limited to a single salon at Marble Arch.
– Evidence of understanding suitability if industry
Your suitability for the job was based on what you say you have done, including covering for the boss, in your current job. This was the strongest part of an otherwise somewhat weak interview.
Now please kindly write me a good piece of work to make up for the messy job interview that i had.