Nuclear Biological Chemical threat/preparedness

What is expected:

Title page (strict APA style)

Abstract page (short summary of report)

Introduction (present question/hypothesis; explain what plan on doing)

Literature Review (review of prior research on topic)

Methodology section (includes setup of survey, observations, & interviews)

Observations & Findings (report findings from methods used)

Discussion & Conclusion (summary of findings, answer research question)

Reference page (strict APA style expected)

Appendices (include copies of survey instrument, interview questions, etc.)

Format: APA Format (1 inch margins, in-text citations, Times New Roman font (12), page numbers, running head, etc.)

Length: Minimum of 9 pages of text (not including title page, abstract page, reference pages, or appendices); no maximum number of pages

Recommended Steps to Follow:

STEP 1: Develop research topic?research question?research hypothesis.

STEP 2: Begin literature review using reliable resources (the same action you take to complete a research paper in other classes). Reliable resources can include books (not textbooks), journal articles, and other dependable sources (not Wikipedi; instead use those like .gov or .edu sites).

STEP 3: Prepare your survey instrument and interview questions. Determine how & what you will view as your observation. Explain how this will all be done; this will be your methodology section of your project.

STEP 4: Conduct survey. Conduct interviews. Conduct observation.

STEP 5: Compile and write up your findings. This will be the observations & findings sections.

STEP 6: Determine if you can answer your research question with the data you gathered. Are they what you expected? Did you have findings that surprised you? This will be the discussion & conclusion section.

STEP 5: Type & Proofread: begin typing ASAP; do not wait until the night before to start.

STEP 6: Submit the Paper on Time on MOODLE: All papers must be submitted to me by the date and time listed above; if not, expect a point loss of 10%/day. There will be a TurnItIn drop box opened on Moodle for you to submit. You also must submit a hard copy on the above date as well.

Other Notes:

Can use textbooks & Wikipedia only as a guide to other resources; do not include them as references

Depending on your topic, you may not be able to perform a real observation (e.g. Death penalty)…instead we will use a ‘quasi’ approach. For instance, you can watch a video on capital punishment. Or, say you cannot conduct interviews with child protection agents; instead, your classmates will play the role of the agents. It may not be the real thing, but it will at least give you a look into how these procedures are conducted. There will be a select time during the semester when we will conduct the ‘mock’ role playing.

APA…100% required will be used so please do not copy

Early submission of papers is welcomed and preferred, but not required

this is my survey

U.S. Army Chemical Corp

Nuclear Biological Chemical Preparedness

Soldier Information

Full Name:

Last First M.I.


Street Address Apartment/Unit #

City State ZIP Code

Home Phone: ( ) Last 4 of Social Security Number:


Personal Information

Racial or Ethnic Group

American Indian/Alaskan ?

Asian/Pacific Islander ?

Black/African American

Hispanic/Latino ?

White/Caucasian ?



Female ?


Military Service

No Military Service ?

Vietnam Era

Pot- 9/11 ?

Disabled Veteran

Age Group

18-20 ?


21-25 ?



The following survey was created to test the knowledge of the average soldier with a 74D MOS. Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Specialists are primarily responsible for defending the country against the threat of CBRN weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is essential to test the knowledge of the Chemical Soldier.

In the event of Nuclear, Biological, or Nuclear attack on US soil which government agency is in charge?

Depart of Homeland Security

U.S. Army Chemical Corps

National Guard/Reserve

Local Police

In an NBC attack on US soil the US Military is in charge?



How many Chemical Defense Training Facilities (CDTF) does the U.S. Government have?





What units and agencies does the CDTF train?

U.S. Military

Central Intelligence Agency

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Secret Service

Homeland Security

All of the above

Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS and Biological Integrated Detection System (BIDS) are the only systems that can detect NBC agents? Consistent high quality



There are Five primary support areas required to perform the mission include: activities to effect movement of equipment within and outside theaters of operation; Operations and Field Support; Training and Help Desk Support; Test and Evaluation; and Program Management and Tranisition.



In the event of an NBC attack all branches of the military work as a team.



In the event of a direct NBC attack the mortality rate in the fallout area is?




Has an NBC attack ever been carried out?



Why were NBC agents were first developed?

To temporarily disable soldier

To kill enemy combatants

To protect allied soldiers

Area decontamination is key to the clean up after an NBC attack.



While training in the CDTF, personnel will train in what agents? (Check all that apply




Is the average civilian against a NBC attack?



In an NBC attack a person has how long to done his/her protective mask?

5 seconds

8 seconds

30 seconds

1 minute

AS of 2012, how many nuclear weapons are unaccounted for?

20-29 warheads

30-39 warheads

40-49 warheads

50+ warheads

Rating the Preparedness of U.S. Government

What is the response time of Homeland Security in the event of an NBC attack?

Immediate response

Less than 1 week

1 to 3 week

More than 3 weeks In the event of an NBC attack the U.S. Military response time is?

Immediate response

1 to 3 weeks

3 to 5 weeks

More than 5 weeks

How would you rate the effectiveness of a Joint Operation Task Team?


Below average

Above average

Not effective Is the State and Local police agencies able to react to an NBC attack?



Additional Comments

this is my interview

Joshua Bruce

CJUS 3030

Interview Questions for Paper

Nuclear Biological Chemical Preparedness

These sets of questions will be broken down to three individuals; SSG Torres, SSG Wallace and Cpt Klingensmith. These questions will be verified using government sites to ensure the accuracy of the information and will elaborate on their opinions and what has led them to believe that. This is just a rough format and the questions may change after speaking to Captain Klingensmith. He is helping me to refine the paper and direction.

1. In the event of Nuclear, Biological, or Nuclear attack on US soil Homeland Defense is in charge?

2. In an NBC attack on US soil which Department is in charge?

3. The US government has a Chemical Defense Training Facility, what is it used for?

4. The CDTF is trains who exactly and why? Type of clearance?

5. While training in the CDTF, personnel train in a live biological and chemical agents, why?

6. The borders of the United States are secure from an NBC attack in what ways are they and aren’t they?

7. The State Trooper’s HAZMAT team performs what role in a cleanup?

8. An NBC soldier’s training last 18 months, why?

9. Joint Biological Point Detection System (JBPDS) and Biological Integrated Detection System (BIDS) are the only syste