Rhetorical Analysis

The Art of Diversity, please do a rhetorical analysis on a piece from chapter four "Projecting Gender" or five "Examining Difference" in Seeing & Writing 4. The structure of your paper is simple. You will have an introduction, four body paragraphs, a rebuttal, and a conclusion. You need not do any outside research for this paper. You are diving into the text and looking at how the author uses persuasion within it. You will build on the logic unit that we are finishing, but you will examine the text under analysis closer to look at if the author’s persuasion is working or not. If yes, why is it working? If not, why?
In your body paragraphs, you will explore the four parts of the Rhetorical Triangle. You do not need to put them in any order, but each part of the triangle must be explored in the paper and your ideas must be supported by textual evidence from the text in the form of quotes, paraphrases, or summaries. The paper must also be balanced, spending about as much time on each section as the others. *Remember the sandwich metaphor in writing: your ideas, the source text, and finish with your ideas to elaborate on the passage chosen that is under analysis.
Therefore, the four parts of the rhetorical triangle you MUST explore are logos – logic, ethos – character of artist/writer, pathos — emotions created by the piece, and mythos – the tradition the piece is working within or against or both.