10 Questions of Macroeconomic ( with GRAPHS)


The impact on Western Australian economic factors since the federal government has cut funding support provide to state goverment.
_Please use academically references.
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Lecture 5 : Loanable funds , funding support from government and its impact on economic ( fund deficit,etc)
Lecture 6 : money
Lecture 7 : Exchange rate.
Lecture 8 : Aggregate S and D
Lecture 9 : expenditure multipliers.
Unit: Intermediate Macroeconomics
Length/Size/Amount: As required but no more than 2000 words (excluding graphs)
Value: 30% of the overall mark in the unit
Relevant material: Focuses on material from Session-05 to Session-
Relevant learning outcomes: Reason logically and work analytically. Critically examine macroeconomic theory and macroeconomic policies and analyze their impact. Justify conclusions using economic arguments with appropriate rigor.
Scenario: Suppose due to growing budget deficit, the federal government has cut funding support provided to the state governments. (support your answers with graphs wherever appropriate)
1) How will this impact the Western Australian economy? (5 marks)
2) Discuss the role of exchange rate on the Western Australian
economy. How is it in this scenario? (5 marks)
3) Discuss the role of mining sector on the Western Australian
economy. How is it in this scenario? (5 marks)
4) Do you think WA government should cut essential services or unemployment benefits to meet the funding shortfall? (5 marks)
5) Comment on how a shortage of funds will impact the University sector in WA. (2.5 marks)
6) How will the exhaustion of public sector funding impact the housing market?(2.5 marks)
7) How will the fund shortages impact interest rates and private investment?(5 marks)
8) How will funding cuts impact the Western Australian
economic output ?(10 marks)
9) What are the best strategies to combat any negative effects of funding cut from the Federal government ?(5 marks)
10) What are the future growth prospects for WA? (5 marks)