4 P’s of the organization

Please answer all of question:
Describe the 4 P’s of the organization
o What is the product offered?
o Place: where is its product offered?
o Broadly what is the price point of its products or size of donation is targets?
o What type of promotion has the organization done? For this you may have to investigate beyond the website. For non-profits perhaps call and ask them to send you copies of their solicitations materials. For stores, try and find any advertising, promotional materials, sponsorships, etc that they have done.
o Describe your new positioning (either for the existing target or new target)

This is information please follow:
The organization we have chosen for our project is Florida Christian School. Established in 1968, Florida Christian School serves Miami-Dade County as a “Christian school with a family atmosphere.”[1] Located at 4200 SW 89th Ave, Florida Christian School teaches over fourteen hundred students in grades K3 through 12. The entire school is overseen by Headmaster Robert Andrews, while the high school, middle school, and elementary school each has its own principal. Florida Christian School offers a set K3-5 curriculum, but as a student ages, the curriculum adjusts to fit his or her needs with regard to class difficulty (regular, honors, and AP classes are offered) as well as preferences. The curriculum in general is described as “Christ-centered rather than man-centered,” so Christ is a focal point throughout the educational process.[2] In addition to the core classes, Florida Christian School offers a variety of courses in the fine arts and athletics that students may take as electives. There are a number of after school sports for students to get involved with, as well.
As it is a private school, families must pay tuition and fees in order for their children to attend Florida Christian School. The tuition gets more expensive as the children get older, but there are discounts available for families with multiple children attending the institution. An additional fee that families may choose to pay covers after school care for children in grades K3 through 5. Financial aid is available for those who qualify, and scholarships exist for students with disabilities.
[1] “History.” Florida Christian School, Web. 2 Feb 2014. <www.floridachristian.org>.
[2] “History.” Florida Christian School, Web. 2 Feb 2014. <www.floridachristian.org>.