For the Module 4 Discussion, you will return to the role of an entrepreneur. Think back to the fictional organization you created in Discussion 2 (PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE) and consider the constraints concepts you learned about in The Goal (BOOK AVAILABLE IF NEEDED). Assume that your fictional business was hugely successful and that you found that your customer orders where higher than you had ever hoped for.

1. Compose a full paragraph that describes a potential bottleneck resource within the production chain of providing your good or service.

2. Describe the dependent event(s) that precede the bottleneck and what is causing the bottleneck issue.

3. Describe what you would do to alleviate the bottleneck and improve your throughput.

Your initial posting should be between 200 – 300 words and use a minimum of two sources (one of which may be The Goal). Cite sources and references using APA format (a tutorial is provided in the Class Tutorials Section of the course).